Corporate Relocation Services

The Corporate Relocation Service team assists corporations handling employee relocations.

Backed by a comprehensive menu of services, Shorewest can help you and your company make the move easier for all involved - whether across the state, country or around the world. Here are the areas we can assist with:

Policy development & Review

The Relocation Center will gladly review your company’s current policy and make suggestions, or help you develop a relocation policy that will fit your needs - no matter how big or small your company. Outlining all the policies and benefits provided to your employees, we consider your company’s relocation volume on an annual basis, and includes all facets of relocation, from transportation of household goods to selling the departure area property to finding a new residence as well as advancing equity.

Departure Services

Marketing assistance/pre-move counseling.

A major source of concern for many homeowners is selling their current property. As a full-service and a third-party relocation company, the Shorewest Relocation Center can offer invaluable marketing assistance and implementation of an effective sales strategy whether moving on your own or through a corporate move. The relocation counselor will assist in finding a qualified sales professional and will be involved in the process until the property is sold and closed.

Buyer Value Option program.

This program is an alternate to a corporate traditional home buyout program. No appraisals or inspections are required; rather, the homeowner (transferee) is responsible for listing his home and finding a buyer who is a qualified purchaser for the home. When the transferee finds an acceptable offer from a purchaser, Shorewest signs the offer documents, closes the transaction with the homeowner (transferee) and proceeds to close the sale with the buyer on behalf of the corporation. Once completed, all expenses are tallied and Shorewest bills the corporation for the employee’s relocation expenses per policy. Shorewest also offers Expense Tracking, a fee-based service for corporate relocation expense reimbursement.

Home purchase program.

This program is available to corporations who want to relieve the employee of the stress of selling a home and anxiety of family separation while the employee is working at the new destination. Typically, a fair market value offer (based upon two independent fee appraisals and inspections) is offered to the employee after 60 to 90 days of marketing with a qualified real estate professional. During the offer period, the transferee is encouraged to seek a better offer while marketing the home. If the home is not sold during this period, the transferee can exercise his option and sell his home to the Shorewest Relocation Center on behalf of the corporation. We will then professionally manage the resale of the property to minimize costs for your corporation.

Group move services.

We have extensive experience working with corporations to facilitate a group move no matter how big or small. We will work with you to customize a program to fit your needs in the planning stages. Contact Tonya Krebs at [email protected].

Household goods moving services.

For many employees, moving personal possessions is an emotional experience that can create anxiety. To ease stress – and your administrative responsibility – Shorewest will provide employees with a detailed explanation of your Household Goods Carrier Management program, review policy and guidelines, and answer any questions they might have about the move.

Destination Services

When you're moving to our area, we'll be here to help with these services:

  • Personalized relocation package/Metro CD guide – Provides information about schools, childcare, housing, area employers, attractions and other information about the destination community.
  • Area tours and community overviews – Coordinator will take transferee on a complimentary tour of the area and communities of interest.
  • Finding the right home for your family – A relocation counselor will help choose a real estate agent, provide information on local real estate markets and assist with financing on a new home.
  • Mortgage services – A coordinator will provide a list of mortgage providers in the destination community.
  • Temporary housing – We’ll show transferees competitive options with an eye on current market conditions.
  • Home warranty and inspections.
  • School information – We can provide information about public and private schools, colleges and universities, school statistics and other relevant education information.
  • Child and elder care information – Our team of professionals will work with seniors to help them cope with the challenges of moving. We can also provide information on childcare options in the community.
  • Elder Care – We'll assist with finding resources for extended families.
  • International Services – Our personal move managers help your company and employees with each aspect of the complicated process of international assignments; we offer a complete orientation program to the new society.

More Info

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Tonya Krebs, CRP

Tonya Krebs, CRP
Director of Relocation
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