Pop of Color

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Looking to bring a pop of color into your home during these drab winter months? Adding an accent wall is the perfect way to not only add a bit of color to a dull and cold day, but can breathe life into a previously uninviting room as well. What style is the best match for your home?

Pale Violet
If you’re looking for a way to bring a subtle and sophisticated color into your home, you might consider adding a touch of pale violet. This color works well with white or light wood finishes to bring a bright and clean feel to the room without washing out your space.

Warm Yellow
Trying to bring some sun into your home? Incorporate a warm, muted shade of yellow. When used in a space that gets a lot of natural light, yellow can brighten and provide energy to any room without becoming too overwhelming. Stay away from yellows that are too vibrant, or you’ll lose that inviting, sunny feel!

Rich Emerald
A bold and impactful choice, a jewel-tone such as emerald is a major statement in any room. Not only is it an eye-catching color, but it has cool undertones that bring a sense of peace and calmness that some of its less intense counterparts cannot. Consider using darker accents when pairing décor with this color 一 black or pewter frames on the wall keep this color looking regal and sleek. 

Bold Wallpaper
Looking for more than just one color to bring some life into your home? Wallpaper is a popular trend that will continue in 2023.Using wallpaper can add a unique texture to the room, while still remaining on theme with the colors that are already being incorporated. Not only will it be an eye-catching statement piece, but wallpaper also provides definition to a room that paint alone cannot add.

No matter how you choose to enhance your home, remember that an accent wall is truly an expression of your personality and interests. Find a color that suits you and your space the best, and you’ll be thrilled by the fresh feel it adds to your entire home. 


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